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'Our perceived world is structured by the plurality of overlapping perspectives within which different aspects are somehow seen together, as aspects of just one world' – Merleau-Ponty

Cookery Leader Training


Cheese glorious Cheese

Professional Cheesemaking Fundamentals course at The School of Artisan Food.

During the four days we explored the chemistry and microbiology of cheesemaking, and investigated the components of milk and its composition. We also looked at the role of starters and rennets and examined and methods of production for soft, hard and lactic cheese.

Let them eat cake

piggies poultry cake 100 years

14 little books!


13 are waltzing their way to England…

keep your fingers crossed that they make it!

gentle chaos

hard at work

Venice printing has begun

A gelicide of new words gather in fringed patches,

labascating and cavorting across the page,

the air no longer spiscious with your ring,

just a steady rupture of canitude.

Beyond the confines of the page,

deartuated and colaphised fragments cling together,

their origins seeping away.

Flying blind in seemingly vacant space,

obrumpent and pessundated.

Cobbs Farm Christmas Market

the hat fair 2012

Over the Hat Fair weekend (6th-8th July), which is Britain’s longest running festival of street theatre and outdoor arts, I worked for Spinney Hollow.

We set up camp and demonstrated the magic of sword and wand making.

I also produced some hand-cut and hand-printed lino prints of their logo and postcards (original artwork by Kate and Geoff).

It was an extraordinary weekend, that introduced me to such a vibrant and wonderfully interesting group of people.

made by my own fair hands

Goodness me, how time flies.  I can’t quite believe how long it’s been since my last post.  It’s been very refreshing to have had a bit of a break, but the time has come to get stuck in again and fortunately my mind is full of ideas.

Last week I spent a couple of fabulous days at Spinney Hollow – a gorgeous woodland project run by my lovely friends Kate and Geoff.

I took part in a traditional stool making course, which was a completely brilliant experience.  It was so much fun to be working in a beautiful workshop, in a stunning setting, with amazing materials, traditional tools and such lovely people.

Here’s what I made…


Thank you Spinney Hollow!